Debbie's Most Requested Presentations

Tailored To Each Client

(All range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be combined for seminars and retreats.)

Heart’s Desire

Your friend returns from her dream trip to Russia and your response is "I wish I could've gone with her." Why didn't you? Come learn how to discover your dreams, uncover God's dreams for you, and set up a plan to accomplish them.  Let Debbie help you begin dreaming again and discover your heart’s desire.


“Celebratory” Friends

A friend calls to announce her new promotion - while you struggle to pay your monthly bills. Your outward response is celebration and happiness but inside you feel jealousy and frustration. Debbie will share practical suggestions on how to be a "celebratory" friend, even when you don't feel it.


The Seasons of Friendship

Explore your friendships at a new level by determining if you are in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Debbie’s metaphor using seasons will give you an awareness that can enhance a thriving friendship or save a struggling one.


A God-Centered Life - A Study of Numbers (4 parts)

The book of Numbers is rich with application to us today. This four-part Bible study includes discussion questions and further study to dive deeper at home. Pursuing desires, your character, God's character, barriers that keep you from seeing God and discovering God's blessings are just part of the relevant teaching in Numbers.


In His Presence (3 parts - retreat format)

Preparing for His Presence * Practicing His Presence * Pleasure In His Presence

Do you want to renew your hunger for God?  This 3 fold presentation will do just that. Prepare to be in God's presence by finding a special place to read His Word. Practice being in His presence by removing distractions and capturing moments with God. Finally, experience pleasure in His presence by knowing God and connecting with Him regardless of circumstances.


My First Love (4 parts - retreat format)

Do you want to return God to His rightful place as your first love? Join with Debbie as she reminds you of the deep love of God and how to return our desire to Him.


KISS (Keep It Simple, Sister)

Want to learn how to simplify your life, home, body and soul? Debbie shares a few easy steps to help you achieve a life of simplicity.


From Fear to Freedom

What are you afraid of? Debbie’s answer to that question was “everything!”  When she realized her life was stuck, she developed a deeper trust in Jesus Christ. Now Debbie is self-employed, she’s tried escargot and flown to New York City. Join her as she walks you on a journey from a life full of fear to one of freedom. This is an effective topic for an outreach event.


Remember Me

Are you in need of an inspirational program for your next event? Debbie’s sung and spoken words will remind you of the joy that comes from spending time with God. While this presentation can be considered a mini-concert, Scripture and teaching moments are included between songs.


The Joy of the Lord

Do you know the difference between happiness and joy? Joy isn’t dependent upon circumstances. Learn how to find joy, model it to others in your life (including your children) and keep it when life throws you a curve ball.


The Beatitudes in Song

Debbie will walk you through Matthew 5 – the Beatitudes, with musical selections that compliment the verses. This unique presentation breathes new life into a familiar passage. Another great option for an event of music and teaching.


I Live to Worship You

Did you know that worship is more than singing songs on Sunday morning?  Debbie will explain what worship truly is and how to become a worshipper, every day of the week.


Desert or Dessert

"Life's too short, eat dessert first" - sound tempting?  Life presents a choice of instant gratification (dessert) or waiting for God's blessings (the desert).  Which path are you on? The desert requires examination, expectations, and expression and leads to true leadership under Christ. This is the perfect presentation for any leadership training workshop.


Customized Presentation

If your group has a special series or topic you would like to have covered, contact Debbie. She is an author as well as a speaker and enjoys the process of writing new presentations. She'll even find a song that will be a perfect fit for your event.